Seniors audition for Milwaukee Bucks "Grand Dancers"

ST. FRANCIS-- Busting moves to James Brown at the Bucks' Training facility, potential members for the Milwaukee Bucks' Grand Dancers show-- you're never too old to play.

\"Whenever you get 55, this is the place to come, have a lot of fun and enjoy yourself,\" said Nettie Richardson.

This is Richardson's eighth season at auditions for the Grand Dancers.

\"I just love to dance,\" said Richardson, \"and when I hear the music, it just, you know rattles things up in me.\"

Richardson has been on the dance team since the beginning, and still remembers the first time she performed at a halftime show.

\"Oh, it's electrifying,\" she recalled, \"when you get out there and you see all the people, you just feel all the energy.\"

All the dancers may be 55 and over, but their moves and \"old school\" flavor are almost too hot to handle.

\"You run out there and the people are going nuts,\" said John Kaczmarowski.

Kaczmarowski is another returning dancer, auditioning for his second season-- he says nothing beats the energy of being at an NBA game.

\"It's almost as fun in the tunnels as much as it is on the floor performing,\" he said.

There are many perks for Grand Dancers, but it's the camaraderie that keeps Kaczmarowski and Richardson and coming back for more.

\"People that's on your dance team, they're like your family,\" said Richardson.

Dancers find out next week if they made this year's troupe.

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