Seniors at Carmen Schools celebrated with 'Signing Day' event

NOW: Seniors at Carmen Schools celebrated with ’Signing Day’ event

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- High school seniors everywhere recently made one of their biggest life decisions by choosing where they'd head when the school year ends. Many are going to college and others chose trade schools or jobs. 

Carmen Schools of Science and Technology gave their seniors a celebratory send off on Friday, May 20. 

Three hundred students head to 141 different colleges, and a lot of them right here are staying right here in Wisconsin. 

"I'm expecting a big school. I come from a small school. I want the full college experience," Tattiana Sanchez.

Sanchez is going to UW Madison to study finance. 

But first she is being celebrated alongside her fellow senior class. Drums, cheers and dances-- students were recognized for where they're going next-- Marquette, MSOE, UW Schools or a job. 

"It shows what we've done for the last four years.  We're being celebrated for what we're doing," said Sanchez. "It's super exciting coming in and seeing everyone rooting for us, and seeing the entrance with the drums." 

Students from all grade levels at Carmen schools were at the UW Milwaukee to celebrate the graduating class. 

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