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Senior Pastor at Elmbrook Church resigns following multiple marital infidelities, serious addiction

BROOKFIELD, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The largest church in Wisconsin is searching for new leadership tonight. 

Senior Pastor Jason Webb at Elmbrook Church has resigned due to multiple marital infidelities and a serious addiction.

A letter from Webb was sent out to the congregation on Wednesday.

In it, Webb spoke of the serious addiction he's been struggling with which has led to many betrayals including unfaithfulness to his wife.

The letter read in part, "Words cannot fully describe how sorry I am for my sin. The gravity of all of this is not lost on me. I have lied to Heather, my counselor, the men in my life, the elders, the staff and the church. I am so very sorry."

The Council of Elders unanimously accepted his resignation.

The Executive Director of Central Support Services at the church says that it's a hard time for the church but also an opportunity for spiritual growth. 

"Infidelity is about the worst betrayal you could do to someone that you’ve pleaded a commitment to. It's upsetting to find out that our leader of the church failed to live up to those promises that he made," said church member Andy Moore.

Moore hopes the resignation does not put a bad light on Elmbrook Church.

"How is this going to look to the outside world because the church is supposed to be a shining light to non believers and we don’t want to not practice what we preach," said Moore.

The letter did not specify what serious addiction Webb is struggling with.

Webb will not be returning to ministry. The church is now searching for an interim pastor to replace him.

To read the full letter that was sent out to the Elmbrook Church congregation, see below.

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