Senator Ron Johnson and House Speaker Paul Ryan Met with Applause After Addressing Convention

Last night two Wisconsinites, Senator Ron Johnson and House Speaker Paul Ryan addressed the convention in prime time.  Both men talking about party unity and national security.

The Wisconsin delegation gave them standing ovations during an event this morning. 

Former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson joined the delegation.

He's answering critics questioning the person he endorsed for the nomination Ohio Governor John Kasich.

Despite Ohio hosting the convention the Ohio governor has stayed away from the event

Kasich still has not announced his support for Donald Trump we asked Tommy Thompson if that's a mistake. 

"Now if John Kasich would do that and if for some reason something happened. John Kasich would  probably be the heir apparent in four or five or eight years whenever the next election is. I think it would be to his benefit to come out and say you know… it's time to get behind Donald Trump,” said Thompson.

In addition to Pence, Walker and Cruz, Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump's son will also speak tonight.

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