Senator Chris Larson to Challenge Chris Abele for Milwaukee County Executive

State Senator Chris Larson announced his candidacy for Milwaukee County Executive on Monday in front of his parent's Greenfield home. 

He was flanked by Congresswoman Gwen Moore (D-WI), former State Representative Sandy Pasch, and his family.

“Over these past four years, we have seen the needs of the powerful trump the needs of our citizens. We have seen the power of our elected representatives be stripped and consolidated into the powers of one man. We have seen coordination by the elite class seeking to dismantle the institutions that we cherish, like public education. We have grown disappointed to learn that Chris Abele is not who we thought he was," said Larson. “I'm running for County Executive because we need to restore power to the people. It is clear that Milwaukee County is heading in the wrong direction and, over the next six months, I will lay out exactly why I think we can do better.”

Larson said each of his department heads will do proactive outreach with leaders and experts around Milwaukee County.

He said he will hold a listening session in each Milwaukee County municipality every year.

Larson will restore parks to their national reputation and work with communities and friends groups to develop a path to making sure everyone has access to parks.

Chris Larson said he will end divide between labor and public works in the county.

"I will lobby to end the MPS takeover and work instead to get our kids and our schools the resources they need," said Larson in a press release.

Larson said he will provide Wrap Around Services for  kids in poverty will have access to support and services.

Larson is from Milwaukee County and graduated from Thomas Moore High School.  He graduated from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  He currently lives in the Bay View neighborhood of Milwaukee with his wife Jessica and two children, Atticus and Stella.

Chris Abele said in a statement:

"I look forward to the added opportunity to talk with voters about how we're turning the corner in Milwaukee County and getting our fiscal house in order after years of uncertainty and mismanagement prior to my taking office."

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