Sen. Ron Johnson announces "yes" vote on tax bill

NOW: Sen. Ron Johnson announces “yes“ vote on tax bill

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-WI, says he was up late Thursday night making deals and trying to add more tax relief for small businesses into the U.S. tax code.

He says he got what he wanted, so he's now changing his vote from no to yes. Johnson's vote is critical. Democrats are completely united against the tax plan. Republicans have a narrow majority - only two of them can vote against the bill and still pass it.

Johnson says this is a pro-growth tax plan. He says cutting corporate taxes will lead to more jobs and a better economy. Republicans say the bill will help the middle class.

Democrats say it helps the rich more than anyone else and will increase the countries defect by $1trillion.

Johnson says large corporations, known as c-corps, are already taken care of, and he successfully lowered the tax rate for smaller,local businesses.

"The businesses I'm talking about there are often the bedrock businesses of a small community," Johnson said. "Employ a high percentage of the people in that community. They're owned by, and operated by. often-times, generations of families. They're owned by, and operated by generations of families. They're long term thinkers as opposed to the short term thinking hired guns that often times run C-Corps."

If the plan passes Friday like Republican leadership wants, it isn't the end of the road. The senate still has to agree on a tax plan with the House.

Johnson says he was assured a seat at the table for that compromise.

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