Security increased after threat near Governor Walker's home

Neighbors tell CBS 58 that a threat directed at Governor Scott Walker had police going door-to-door in Wauwatosa Monday night.

Residents close to Governor Walker's home near N. 68th St. and W. Bluemound Rd. say they were woken out of bed by Wauwatosa Police around 10:15pm Monday night. Officers told Walker's neighbors that they were looking for a man nearby who had made threats against the Governor.

Wauwatosa Police appeared to know exactly who they were looking for. They gave residents a picture of a white male who appeared to be around 40-years-old, and told them to be on the lookout for him. On the copy of the photo obtained by CBS 58, officers even wrote down the man's approximate height and weight (6'0\", 217 lbs.) for residents.

As of late Monday night, CBS 58 has not been able to confirm the man's identity, or if he was arrested, with police. When we contacted both the Wisconsin State Patrol and Wauwatosa Police about what neighbors told us, both agencies declined comment.

CBS 58 also contacted Governor Walker's office. In an emailed statement, press secretary Laurel Patrick told us \"It is our policy to not comment on the Governor's security.\" But a source close to Governor Walker confirms to CBS 58 that an incident did happen near his home late Monday night, and that surveillance in his neighborhood has been increased.

Walker's neighbors tell us this isn't the first time something like this has happened. A number of threats were directed at the Governor during the fight over passing Act 10. In August, a 31-year-old man was charged with several misdemeanors for making threats at Walker's son Matt.

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