Second Milwaukee Fire House Sustains Damage from Gunfire

Another Milwaukee fire house was damaged by gunfire.

A bullet pierced a window at Station 30 near Teutonia and Locust on Milwaukee's north side.

No one was hurt.

The fire station did not shut down.

It is, after all, one of the busiest fire houses in the state of Wisconsin.

Police say several shots were fired in the area.

It's not clear if the building was the target.

Deputy Fire Chief Aaron Lipski says it's frustrating that crews who risk their lives to keep others safe are subjected to this added danger.

\"Whether it's your neighbor, your friend, a loved one, mother, son, daughter,\" Lipski told CBS 58 News. \"They are going out the door to help somebody who is having a really bad day. Putting them at risk is bad enough. They are my firefighters. It puts the people who are waiting on that help at risk. Please, please. Please help us stop this.\"

Three months ago, Fire House 13 was temporarily shut down after several bullets were fired into that building at 30th and Locust.

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