SE Wisconsin Communities Prepare for Snow


At 4:00 PM Friday afternoon Milwaukee Department of Public works sent out 111 salt trucks on Milwaukee side streets. These trucks will pre-treat side streets first and when snow begins the trucks will move to address the main roads. Plows will be mounted on trucks one snow begins.


The City of Waukesha plans on putting about 30 trucks with plows on the roads between 2:00 - 3:00 AM Saturday morning depending on the snow. Waukesha has about 40 pieces of snow removal equipment at their disposal. More will be used if needed. The city has 12,000 tons of salt ready for the winter. 


City of Racine has 44 pieces of snow removal equipment ready to go. City streets in Racine have already been pre-treated with brine to keep surface temperatures warmer a little bit longer. Salt trucks and plows will be out as soon as snow starts falling. The city of Racine has road thermometers that supervisors can and will monitor throughout the weekend.

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