School leaders gather to talk race and culture in education

NOW: School leaders gather to talk race and culture in education

Schools That Can Milwaukee is hosting a summer network training session over the next two days at Alverno College.

More than 100 principals, instructional leaders, and deans of students will gather for intensive collaboration and training to prepare for the coming school year. The training builds skills while breaking down barriers between educators who work in traditional district, charter and Choice schools.

Monday focused on Culturally Relevant Practices, a set of education techniques designed to empower educators to work effectively with students of different races, ethnic backgrounds and cultural experiences.

Tuesday's topic is Developing People, focused on merging cultural awareness with practical strategies like coaching, feedback and performance management.

Both days will feature national-level expert trainers.

The two-day training is put on by Schools That Can Milwaukee, a local nonprofit that engages, empowers, and connects transformational school leaders to foster more high-quality schools in Milwaukee.

Stephanie Manney, Director of Leadership Development for Schools That Can Milwaukee and Kourtney Bauswell, Director of Freshmen Academy at Milwaukee Collegiate Academy were lives guests Monday on the CBS 58 News at 4. 

"This is understanding our students and understanding the unique attributes of their culture to promote and nurture academic achievement," says Manney.

Bauswell says it was a great opportunity to connect with different communities.

"We talked a lot about how we as educators are connecting the students and families we serve. We're brainstorming on how we can make sure our kids are represented in the curriculum."

The key is understanding your own beliefs and how your culture affects your behaviors and action as a leader and then using that to create an equitable environment at school. 

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