School District of Waukesha trying to keep school normal after stabbing

WAUKESHA -- Students are in class today. The district wants to keep the next few days as normal as possible.  Even though that will be a challenge.

Two 12-year-old girls who go to middle school in the School District of Waukesha are in jail facing first degree attempted homicide charges.  Meanwhile a fellow classmate and 12-year-old is recovering after being stabbed by those two Saturday. 

The two suspects told investigators they were motivated from reading the story of Slender Man. They read the story on Creepy Pasta. A website that has various horror stories on it.

The suspects told Waukesha Police detectives they planned to kill their friend for months. 

If they did, they'd become proxies for Slender Man.  This would allow them to go live with Slender Man in the Nicolet National Forest in Northern Wisconsin.

They tried to kill their friend Saturday, one holding her down as the other stabbed her 19 Times in a wooded area in Waukesha.

Doctors say the girl is lucky to be alive since a stab wound narrowly missed an important artery.

The school district says - contrary to some reports - they had two counselors, a psychologist, a social worker and three administrators at the school Monday.  They continue to have support today across the district.

The superintendent also understands kids will have access to detailed information on what happened because of today's media environment.

\"I don't know how to stop kids from reading that information,\" School District of Waukesha Superintendent Todd Gray said.  \"As we speak today [Tuesday] we have various grief counselors and crisis response folks at different schools that may have been affected. Obviously there are siblings in other schools that are impacted and we sent folks to deal with the staffs there.\"

Gray said the Creepy Pasta website wouldn't have been on the list of sites the school blocks from students. The website Creepy Pasta sent it's condolences to the families in this situation.  But also reiterated that the stories on its site are fake with fake characters.

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