School district apologizes for showing "pro same sex marriage" video

 JANESVILLE -- Last month, a video called “Kids React to Gay Marriage” was shown over a closed circuit TV system inside Janesville’s Craig High School.

\"The problem is that the video that was shown is one that really is just promoting gay marriage.\" said school board member Bill Sodemann.

Students of a gay straight alliance club were told to choose a video that had an anti-bullying message, and ended with one the district now says clearly is a pro-same sex marriage video.

But it had to be approved by teachers, then the school's principal.

It was approved, and that's what leaves Sodemann concerned.

\"You send your child to school to learn, and it turns out they are being advertised to favor gay marriage.\" he said.

An email from a grandparent last week brought the video to Sodemann's attention. Now the school district is apologizing for letting that video be shown.

\"I looked at the video for the first time and I really feel like this is a policy issue.\" said Superintendent Karen Schulte.

She says to be clear, the district is apologizing specifically for the way the controversial topic of same sex marriage was addressed, but says the district is not scared to take on controversial topics in the classroom in the future.

\"We're not shying away from controversial issues. We want to make sure they're done appropriately and parents are aware.\" she said.

Schulte says any possible discipline for the teachers and the principal involved are personnel matters which they won't talk about.

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