School board candidate mushing for office in Greendale

 Kathleen Wied-Vincent is running to be the next member of the Greendale school board.

Wied-Vincent, who grew up in Greendale and is a 6th grade teacher in Kenosha, has an unconventional campaign strategy.

Instead of continuing to walk door to door to meet her constituents like most candidates, she has been mushing her dogs.

Wied-Vincent explained that she had walked to thousands of doors over the last 3 years and that this was a new way to connect with people.

\"I'm using my dogs to bring people together and, whether they know it or not, these dogs are part of the process,\" she said.

According to her, the furry campaign staff is turning heads and helping her get out her message.

Wied-Vincent said that, as a teacher, she wants to pull her hometown forward like her dogs pull her forward.

The Spring Primary Election is on Tuesday, February 17. The four candidates receiving the most votes in the Spring Primary Election will advance to the Spring General Election on Tuesday, April 7.

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