Scary Halloween with Wind, Waves, & Wacky Costumes

Friday's weather matched the mood of the day.  Spooky.  You had snow flurries, lots of wind (gusts higher than 40mph), and of course those whipping waves on Lake Michigan.  They were more than 12 feet in spots and even closer to 22 feet toward the middle of the lake.  This was comparable to what we saw during the height of Superstorm Sandy in 2012. 

Despite the howling winds, trick-or-treaters made the most of across the area, including Waukesha.  Kids of all ages bundled up.  And they improvised as best they could.  Some wore coats over their costumes, some under.  This was the coldest Halloween since 1996.  But it didn't stop many chasing after their one objective.  Some sweet treats. 

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