Say so long sun and hello rain & storms

Milwaukee (CBS 58)--I hope you've enjoyed the nice weather we had over the weekend, because it's changing as soon as this evening.  High pressure will be giving way to a cold front starting to move through on Tuesday.  Showers and storms are in the offing, especially late in the day and evening on Tuesday.  We even face a slight risk of severe weather for the metro area and points south.

Behind the front, it cools down on Wednesday.  And then another front gives us another shot of showers later Thursday afternoon.  Unfortunately, more showers are possible, on and off, for the weekend.  It'll be cooler as well with highs in the 50s and 60s.  Raw and rainy for the last weekend of September.

Meantime, did you see that Harvest Moon early this morning?  Spectacular!!  It's full tonight at 9:53 pm.  But rain clouds will affect the viewing.  This time of year, the moon appears much larger because the moonrise happens around sunset time.  

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