Sargento Foods donates $2 million in cheese to Milwaukee's Hunger Task Force

NOW: Sargento Foods donates $2 million in cheese to Milwaukee’s Hunger Task Force


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Any donation can go a long way during these challenging times, but cheese is especially welcome.

Sargento Foods brought its first truckload of cheese to the Hunger Task Force in Milwaukee Monday, April 27.

The Wisconsin company is donating $2 million worth of cheese to be given to families.

Cheese donations aren't just a big deal because it's Wisconsin -- there's a serious need for it.

"I heard that food pantries are calling cheese "food bank gold" right now because it's something that a lot of families need, kind of like peanut butter and proteins, where you just don't know where you're going to get that next nutritious meal," said Portia Young of Sargento Foods.

Monday's shipment included 720,000 cheese sticks.

Five more shipments are still coming.

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