Same-sex newlyweds left in legal limbo

MILWAUKEE -- There's still a lot of uncertainty for newlywed same-sex couples. For now, the state is processing the same-sex marriage licenses. However,  many same-sex couples who were married over the last few days wonder what will happen if the gay marriage ban is upheld.

\"I would not describe it as a roller coaster, I would describe it as a ferris wheel.We have to stop and start a little bit, but we will get to the top,\" said LGBT Executive Director for Milwaukee Colleen Carpenter.

Attorney Kathleen Hume said a lot depends on what a court decides.

\"In terms of who recognizes their marriage, the state will not recognize it if the stay is granted by the 7th circuit, whether the federal government will recognize it has to to do with an issue of their criteria,\" said Hume.


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