Ronald Reagan High School Grad is Military Trailblazer

She wears a cross around her neck with replica dog tag that say prepared for battle.

Soon, 18 year old Deja Evans will soon be trading in these dog tags for the real ones as the first woman from Wisconsin to enter the U.S. Army's Airborne Infantry Division. She ships out in January.

"My dad was in the military," explain Evans. "I've grown up with harsh training. Punishment was exercise. So I think I'm ready."

The daughter of an Army Veteran and Ronald Reagan High School graduate hopes one day to pursue a career in federal intelligence.

She actually considers jumping out of plans to be fun.

The minute she walked through the door at the recruiting office in Greenfield it was clear she had the right stuff.

"I sat down and talked with her," recalled Staff Sgt. Richard Cubbage. "She gave me the vibe that this is what she wanted to do. I guess you could say she was good to go."

While Evans would be content to be considered a private, she will accept the mantle of trailblazer if she must.

"I'm protecting my family. And everyone I've ever met. I feel honored and proud to have that opportunity."

She sees it as part of her service to her country.

"I guess I watched too many actions movies," the future soldier confessed. "I fell in love with the whole defending, saving and protecting."  


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