Rollover Accident Blocks I-43 NB Ramp in the Marquette Interchange


The north bound ramp in the Marquette Interchange is now open.  The ramp to I-43 north was opened to traffic around 7:30 this morning after a four hour closure due to a roll over accident.  


The Wisconsin Department of Transportation anticipates the northbound ramp of I-43 to remain  closed until 10:30 this morning as crews continue to clean up debris from a semi-trailer truck that rolled over around 3:30 AM.  The semi-tractor and its trailer have been up righted and towed away, but the trailer’s content of newspapers still litter the roadway and need to be picked up.  DOT crews will also be repairing or replacing a number of reflective chevrons damaged when the truck rolled over,  Traffic on the ramp from EB I-94 to NB I-43 has had to take alternative routes to get around the accident.


There is a major traffic delay this morning in the Marquette Interchange due to a semi-trailer truck rolling over in the north bound ramp to I-43.   All lanes of the ramp and blocked due to the rollover.   The accident occurred around 3:30 AM and the DOT expects the ramp closed through the rush hour.  People normally using the ramp from I-94 EB to I-43 NB will have to find alternative routes.  Crews are working to clear the scene of the accident now.  At this time we have no reports of injuries from the accident.

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