Road closures and construction cause trouble for drivers

MILWAUKEE-- As cars whiz down the interstate, the orange barrels say it all-- construction on local highways.

\"It's tricky, because you're trying to negotiate with the traffic and the construction itself,\" said Shaun Johnson, a local driver.

After winter finally disappeared-- it seems bulldozers, cranes, and trucks are unavoidable, from I-94 near Miller Park, to I-45, and I-41-- many ramps are closed.

\"It's hard to keep track of, because it's happening so fast,\" said Johnson.

Drivers are often forced to take detours and make longer commutes.

\"You have to find different routes to get just about anywhere you want to go,\" said Cathy Naukkri, another driver.

Lane closures are also causing issues on several major highways, traffic moving at a slow crawl during rush hour.  Some drivers told CBS 58, when there isn't congestion, there's trouble when traffic merges.

\"I've almost gotten hit a couple times,\" said Naukkri, \"it's rough driving right now, it's hard.\"

Many drivers want to see more signs and more advanced warnings when there's lane or ramp closures.

\"The more markings, the better,\" said Naukkri.

Wis-DOT says they try to give everyone fair warning.

\"We always try to alert the drivers,\" said Michael Pyritz, a spokesperson for Wis-DOT, \"we do put up variable message boards and other signage alerting them a week in advance.\"

Pyritz says with the amount of construction projects going on in Southeastern Wisconsin, especially on interchanges, officials say more signs-- could lead to more confusion.

 \"The roadway would be nothing but signs in certain areas,\" he explained, \"and that would certainly diminish the information at a driver can see.\"

In the meantime-- Wis-DOT asking all drivers to slow down and be patient as construction season continues.

\"It's a necessary evil, but it's not easy,\" said Johnson.

Wis-DOT also encourages drivers to use their 511 service to stay updated on road construction and closures.

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