Rev Pop sells 'Terrible City' t-shirts, gives all proceeds to Boys & Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee

NOW: Rev Pop sells ’Terrible City’ t-shirts, gives all proceeds to Boys & Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- If you're a loyal citizen of a terrible city, you can now buy a shirt to prove it.

Rev Pop, a Milwaukee graphic design business, is owning the "terrible city" comments made by ESPN hosts last week with their newest shirt. 

Owner Scott Starr didn't think it would be as popular as it's proving to be.

"It's crazy. They're flying every other minute," Starr said. "This was just kind of a fun take on what was happening in the news. I thought that maybe we could see some t-shirts to friends."

The shirts are $35. All proceeds go to the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee. 

"We appreciate RevPop’s generous plan to direct all proceeds from the sale of this shirt to our organization." a Boys and Girls Club spokesperson tells CBS 58. "Milwaukee is our home and we believe in the incredible people and places in our community."

Starr bought the domain, which immediately reroutes to, a website created to show visitors some of Milwaukee's best assets. 

"I think a lot of people that say these kinds of things haven't been here, and or they have preconceived thoughts that aren't true," Starr said.

This is a limited time shirt that's printed on an on-demand basis. So, if you order it today, you probably won't get it before the series against the Atlanta Hawks is over. With the Bucks two wins away from the NBA finals, you could get it before then.

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