Restraining order filed against Kenosha County supervisor for harassment

NOW: Restraining order filed against Kenosha County supervisor for harassment

A woman has filed a temporary restraining order against a Kenosha County official for harassment.

Joseph Cardinali, a 22-year-old County Board Supervisor, is ordered to avoid contact with a 49-year-old woman who says they’re acquaintances.

The statement she filed for the restraining order says his “calls and text messages come at all hours of the day and night.”

She says he’ll send 10 to 20 messages at a time.

Since they met, she says Cardinali’s “attempted to take me out to places for drinks, and to engage in sexual behavior.”

For six months, he “[intimidated] me with constant reminders that he has ‘power’ in the community.”

She also claims Cardinali’s called her boss to say she’s a drug addict and an alcoholic.

In a statement, Cardinali wrote,

“A very serious allegation of harassment has been levied against me by someone via restraining order. While everyone has the right to seek protection, I and those closest to me know these charges are simply not true.I won't get into details until my attorney deems appropriate, however, I will say that I am able to hold my head high because of the hard evidence that proves my complete innocence. Such evidence includes phone records and text messages - all of which I plan to make public when once again my attorney deems appropriate. I wish to do that to further prove my innocence and gain any potential trust lost back. It pains me to not be able to fully disclose evidence and clear my name this second, but patience in the legal system is needed here. I am comforted by the fact that I have the truth and evidence on my side. I also know that those truly in the know of this matter could testify to that fact.This morning, my attorney and I agreed with the accuser to postpone any and all hearings on this matter until November for reasons I cannot disclose at this time. After which, the accusation levied against me will be legally and officially dropped and dismissed in the court of law, as it should be.I look forward to continuing to serve my community, and will go forward doing such. While obviously a difficult time, the fact that so many men and women have reached out in support and to express their strong belief that nothing in the allegations could be even remotely true has lifted my spirits and truly humbled and touched me.”


Kenosha County Board Chairman Dan Esposito said in a statement to CBS 58, “I know this is a very serious allegation and I do not condone any type of harassment to any person at any time…I urge you to allow justice to take its course and to remember that U.S. law provides for the presumption of innocence.”

Cardinali is the second Kenosha official this year to be embroiled in a situation like this.

G. John Ruffolo was a city of Kenosha alderman who pleaded guilty to felony stalking charges in March.

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