Residents React to Manhunt in Janesville

NOW: Residents React to Manhunt in Janesville

The manhunt continues for a suspect who robbed a gun store in Janesville and made threats to several Wisconsin schools.

There are now 150 law enforcement officials from local police and FBI searching for Joseph Jakubowski. He stole 16 guns from a store in Janesville and set a car on fire.

Police later learned he’d made threats to public officials and some schools. That promoted the Janesville School District to close schools today. Several other schools are on high alert, including one in Waukesha Coutny.

Law enforcement has followed up on more than 60 leads and searched a dozen locations. They say they want the community to know they’re working hard to capture Jakubowski.

As far a precautionary measures, people in Janesville tell CBS 58 they’ve been more aware. They’re calling the situation odd and something that doesn’t happen in their small town.

Driving up and down downtown Janesville you’ll notice something different. Business owners say a sunny day like Friday would normally attract a fairly decent crowd. But that’s certainly not the case this Friday.

At Mantiques Antique Shop people have been in and out taking advantage of their “going out of business” sale.

The owner, Jason Allen, says since last week’s announcement they’ve been overwhelmed with customers. But he feels Friday’s drop in traffic is due to the recent news.

“We’re definitely keeping an eye on who comes in the door a little closer than just the normal acknowledgement,” says Allen. “You look at everyone. It’s scary.”

Business owners along the downtown strip say they feel safe being down the street from the police department, but they’re still on high alert. 

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