Residents on High Alert After Mequon Police Warn Daytime Burglaries on the Rise

NOW: Residents on High Alert After Mequon Police Warn Daytime Burglaries on the Rise

A warning tonight from Mequon Police. A number of burglaries have them sounding the alarm to residents to be on high-alert. 

Mequon Police say the suspects have been known to drive through subdivisions waiting for homeowners to leave. Once the coast is clear, they'll go in and look for things of value like money and jewelry but not electronics.

"We're always kind of watching and we have a very close-knit neighborhood. And so, everyone is kind of watching for each other," said resident Dena Grossman.

And now it's a little more than before says resident Dena Grossman who's lived in the area for more than 30 years.

"We did receive a letter that said be careful and watch for suspicious activity."

The Mequon Police Department sent the letter to its residents about the increased reports of daytime burglaries.

"We are always watching, closing the garage door, and looking for suspicious people."

Mequon Police believe the suspects will drive through a subdivision and look for an unoccupied home. The burglarers believed to be two women or a man and a woman will be dropped off by the driver, and kick in the door or use a crowbar. 

It's all information residents have been receiving from the police department and they have been making each other aware. 

"And if someone does see something suspicious then the email goes out again, telling us to be careful with this."

The burglaries have had the area on high alert but residents are confident the issue will be resolved soon.

"Hopefully the word gets out and the people who are causing the problem will realize that this is not a good place to go."

Based on the reports, Mequon Police say thieves have been targeting neighborhoods with mainly retired residents.

They say a dark-colored minivan or SUV has been known to be used in several incidents. They advise staying aware and taking down license plates of suspicious vehicles.

If you have any information, you're asked to call Mequon Police. 

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