Republicans, Democrats welcome Foxconn to Wisconsin

NOW: Republicans, Democrats welcome Foxconn to Wisconsin

Governor Scott Walker officially welcomed Foxconn to Wisconsin Thursday.

With the stroke of a pen, Wisconsin and Foxconn entered in a to a memorandum of understanding. The tech giant will invest $10 billion in the state, bringing up to 13,000 jobs. In return Wisconsin will offer a $3 billion incentive package.

“Which is big, it's bigger than anything we’ve done before,” Gov. Walker said. “But if you wanna play in the big leagues, it's comparable with about every other major financial investment for a major project anywhere not just around the country but around the world.”

The memorandum just outlines the parameters. The details will be hashed out in a bill that must pass through the legislature.

“We'll do our part which is take due diligence to look at the deal, make sure it's in the best interest of the entire state,” said Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Racine). “At the end of the day, I can't see how we don't say yes to something that's so important for Wisconsin.”

Speaker Vos says he expects to see the legislation by early next week. And so far it appears there is bipartisan support for the $3 billion package.

“It's an eye popping number but you can't just look at the cost and the investment, you have to look at what's the opportunity,” said Rep. Peter Barca (D-Kenosha).

Rep. Barca adds he hasn't seen the details yet-and wants to make sure there is time to properly review it.

“We don't' know in terms of what the impact is on the tax payers, and also on local tax payers, because obviously sewer and water would have to be extended to these two sites that they're looking at,” Rep. Barca said.

Speaker Vos says it's between a site in Kenosha county and one in Racine county. A final decision will likely come after the incentive package is passed.

Speaker Vos says he wants the bill on the floor by mid-August. The goal is to break ground on the facility in the Spring of 2018.

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