Sources: Milwaukee Police Department Chief Alfonso Morales could be fired next week

Sources: Milwaukee Police Department Chief Alfonso Morales could be fired next week

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Several sources are telling CBS 58 there is a chance Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales will be fired on Monday, July 20.

One of the sources includes the Milwaukee Police Association, which opposes the firing.

A special meeting of Milwaukee’s Fire and Police Commission to “vote and issue directives for Milwaukee Chief of Police Alfonso Morales"  Monday, could be more than that, according to sources both in favor of and against Morales.

“It’s obviously a concern," Milwaukee Police Association President Dale Bormann said. “I’m hearing it through the members that there’s a chance that he could get fired."

Morales was born in Milwaukee and has served in the department for more than 25 years. Bormann says the union will rent out newspaper advertisements supporting the Morales over the weekend, and will hold a press conference at 3 p.m Monday, ahead of the FPC meeting, advocating for him.

Bormann also said there is a chance high ranking officers in the department could retire if Morales is let go.

“We have people in the command staff who could leave too," Bormann said. "You know, you’ve got people that either have the 25 years on right now, or are very close to it.”

City alders have been critical of how Morales has handled protests.

The Milwaukee NAACP said he has failed to employ the community policing he promised.

“Unfortunately it would be the correct move to remove him at this point in time,” Milwaukee NAACP President Fred Royal said.

State Sen. Lena Taylor,D-Milwaukee, said Morales has not shown the communication skills during difficult times the position demands and has acted defensive in the face of criticism.

"When you have a chief that believes that, because people have been suggesting that there have been injustices in this city for decades, that that is crucifying them as Jesus, that he is out of touch.”

Taylor was referring to Morales's comments in early June comparing modern day treatment of officers to the crucifixion of Christ.

The FPC has the sole authority to remove the police chief. If they decide to do so Monday, they would not need approval from the Milwaukee Common Council.

In a statement, MPD said, "Chief Morales, and the entire Milwaukee Police Department, remains committed to working with our system and community partners to make Milwaukee a safer place to live, work and raise a family. We look forward to working with the Fire & Police Commission to improve police-community relations."

This is a developing story, stay with CBS 58 on-air and online for updates. 

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