Report claims a million species are threatened with extinction

NOW: Report claims a million species are threatened with extinction

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (CBS 58) – An alarming report out on Monday says that more than 12% of the world’s species are threatened with extinction.

The director at the Milwaukee County Zoo says these findings are important for animals, even in Wisconsin.

The United Nations put out a landmark report on world habitats and extinction.

According to the report, a million species are threatened with extinction.

The report says 40% percent of all amphibians; over a third of all marine mammals, and 33% of coral reefs could go extinct.

“What that story is telling us is that the earth is really in trouble if we don’t change our way fairly soon,” says Chuck Wikenhauser, zoo director.

The report points to things like shrinking habitats, depleting natural resources, pollution and climate change as some of the causes.

Wikenhauser says they try to educate the public on those causes.

“That can be in many directions; whether we try to eliminate pollution where ever we can, fossil fuels,” says Wikenhauser. “There are a number of things that have to change drastically.”

The report was written by 145 experts from 50 countries. They made some suggestions to prevent the extinctions like improving sustainability in farming.

“The local government and the federal government are going to have to make the decision that the population is not going to be able to expand into those natural areas,” says Wikenhauser.

This report is coming out ahead of two summits taking place next year where world leaders will be looking at their climate and environment protection goals.

Countries that signed the Paris agreement will also be revising their commitments.

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