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Report calls on top burger chains to buy beef raised without the overuse of antibiotics

(CBS 58) -- A new report from consumer groups and environments looked at the practices of the top 25 burger chains and their antibiotics policy for beef.

"The overuse of antibiotics in industrial farming is contributing to the rise of antibiotic-resistant infections and that's a serious threat to public health,” Peter Skopac said, Director of WISPIRG & WISPIRG Foundation.

Twenty-two of the top burger chains got an “F” for their antibiotic policy for beef. The focus of the report was on burgers because beef is the largest part of the market.

“We are calling on major restaurant chains like Culvers here in Wisconsin to serve meat raised without the routine use of antibiotics and keep our medicines effective,” Skopec said.

Places like Shake Shack and BurgerFi were the only two to get an “A” since they serve beef raised without the use of antibiotics. Wendy’s got a “D-” because it buys beef from a supplier that uses reduced antibiotics.

Experts say the problem is not antibiotics in the meat itself that you're eating. It's that farms overuse these drugs on animals, which can breed antibiotic-resistant bacteria that can get people sick.

McDonald's says it’s working to roll out an antibiotics policy for beef by the end of the year. According to Consumer Reports, 59% of people would pay more for a burger that was raised without the use of antibiotics.

“Reach out to these companies and say we want to know what is in the food that you are serving us. It’s only going to get worse unless we find a way to work together to solve it,” Skopec said.

To see full report, click here.

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