Rep. Steil helps customers at Kenosha gas station

NOW: Rep. Steil helps customers at Kenosha gas station

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A Washington lawmaker decided to get behind the register at a downtown Kenosha business on Wednesday. 

Representative Bryan Steil spent some time behind the counter at Lou Perrine's Gas and Groceries. Steil says the experience gave him a chance to experience what it is like to operate a small business in the current economy. 

"It's terrific to be in Kenosha, this is just a spectacular community. This is a spectacular family-owned business operation that's been here, one of the staples of Kenosha. Three generations here at Lou Perrine's and just a great opportunity to learn about the business. 

Steil says he also took the opportunity to talk to other business owners about how the federal government can help get their voices heard in Washington. 

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