'Remember Their Names' march in Milwaukee sheds light on city's gun violence

NOW: ’Remember Their Names’ march in Milwaukee sheds light on city’s gun violence

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- With the amount of people who have died from gun violence, it is easy to forget each and every person whose life has been lost.

The People's Revolution of Milwaukee held a "Remember Their Names" march to make sure that victims of gun violence are not forgotten. Family and friends of shootings victims attended the event on Sunday, May 23. This included Doretha Lock, whose son was shot and killed by a Walworth deputy in 2016. She says events like these are important to show the community still remembers their loved ones.

"If they wouldn't give these people names and get their stories told, it would go out of sight out of mind," Lock said. "They're keeping it up on the forefront, they're honoring the parents, the families that are still dealing with this and the parents and families that have yet to come. That they have people and family that they could turn turn to. If it weren't for them, I think my son Christopher would've been lost."

Over the past year, the People's Revolution of Milwaukee have been holding events like these to remember and stand by the families affected by gun violence across the state.

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