Relying on Weather to Make Sure Your Gifts Arrive on Time

It's getting closer and closer to the holidays.  So it's becoming crucial our gifts arrive on time.  One of the largest shipping companies in the world, UPS, is on top of latest meteorological technology to make sure presents get to where they should when they should. 

A team of meteorologists at the company headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky works closely with the National Weather Service to analyze the the most updated computer model information.  But in addition, the scientists have developed a simulated airplane wing allowing them to monitor condensation as it would occur on an actual wing.  The combination of precise conditions and current data helps UPS track fog and frost during crucial times to help crews on the ground pre-treat or de-ice planes before take off.   

Their efforts provide the information necessary to reschedule aircraft or crews and to re-route shipments through alternative means. 

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