Relaxing The Day Away at Float Milwaukee

A new Milwaukee business recently opened its doors solely for the purpose of getting you to a relaxed state, both body and mind.

Here, you are able to literally float in a pod filled with sterilized salt water.  The temperature of the water is equal to the temperature of human skin, roughly 93 degrees. 

And by the time you are done, all your worries and stresses have floated away.  CBS58's Michael Schlesinger had the chance to see what it's all about during the CBS58 Morning News on Tuesday. 

The initial float costs $50 and lasts for an hour.  After that, it'll cost you $75 for each hour.  Float Milwaukee is in Walker's Point, just off 2nd Street right behold Purple Door Ice Cream.  For more information about this business, just click on the attached link. 

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