Record watch continues through the weekend

NOW: Record watch continues through the weekend

This has been historic heat. And it's not over yet! Tuesday was our first day in the 70s since the beginning of October. Wednesday tied a record in Milwaukee with a high of 73*. Thursday fell just two degrees short of the record with a high of 71*. In addition to daily record temperatures we have already tied the record for three consecutive days in the 70s in November and are one day away from tying the record of 4 days in the 70s during November. Both of those records will likely get shattered as 70s continue through the weekend. 

The forecast high for Friday and Saturday is 73* which would break the current records on both those days. Currently the record of Friday is 70* set in 2016 and on Saturday it's 71* set in 2009. The forecast high on Sunday of 72* would fall just one degree short of the record of 73*.

The record watch doesn't end on Sunday with Monday also expected to rise into the low 70s. The current forecast of 73* on Monday would fall two degrees short of the 75* record set in 1999. Tuesday will be our transition day with rain as a front moves across the area but it stays mild in the 60s. Expect more average highs in the 40s the rest of next week.

The one November warmth that may be unattainable is the record high for the entire month. That record is currently 77* but with multiple days in the low to mid 70s it's possible we come close. Download the CBS 58 Ready Weather app to track the record temps.

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