Record tying warmth expected the next few days

NOW: Record tying warmth expected the next few days

Temperatures soared on Election Day with highs reaching 70* in a few local areas. It was the warmest temperature since October 14. It took a little breeze to push us into the 70s in some areas but with the sunshine it was a gorgeous day.

And Tuesday was just the beginning! We have bumped temperatures up every day over the next week with multiple days expected to hit 70 over the next few days. It even looks warm for the weekend and the beginning of next week. 

We will also be on record watch over the next 5 days. The forecast high for Wednesday of 73 would tie the current record set back in 2008. Thursday looks a couple degrees colder than the record which is also 73 but Friday is currently on track to tie the record from 2016. We could also tie a record on Saturday.

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