Recently unsealed documents in Kelly Dwyer's case

It's been four months since the remains of Milwaukee woman Kelly Dwyer, 27, were found along a road in Jefferson County. A recently unsealed document shows how investigators are still trying to place her Kris Zocco at the scene where Kelly's body was found. Zocco is the prime suspect in this case. 

The search warrant was issued  May 8 requesting access to Zocco's Gmail email account to pin point his whereabouts using his google's location history trough GPS, Wi-Fi hotspots, and cellular network towers.

Dwyer was last seen on survillance video entering Zocco's apartment. However, she wasn't seen leaving. Zocco is in jail on drug and child pornography charges but hasn't been charged in this case.

Dwyer's mom reported her missing October 2013. Friends, Family and police searched but it wasn't until this May that her remains were found in a field in Jefferson County, identified using her dental records.

According to the search warrant investigators believe, \"that the records and data sought in the search warrant will constitute evidence of the crimes of homicide and mutilating or hiding a corpse...\"

A spokesperson for the Milwaukee police department won't say what they found in the email. However, he said the forensic anthropologist examination has been completed, but said the results will not be released.

Dwyers parents haven't spoken to the media since her remains were found.

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