"Really, very scary:" Neighbors react to fatal crash near 76th and Burleigh

NOW: “Really, very scary:“ Neighbors react to fatal crash near 76th and Burleigh

A community is reacting to a deadly crash that killed two young men on Milwaukee’s north side.

The wreck happened Thursday night at the intersection of 76th and Burleigh.

According to Milwaukee Police, three men in their 20s, ran the light striking an SUV going through the green light. Two of them died at the scene. The third is in serious condition.

The driver of the SUV was treated for minor injuries.

Witnesses, who live nearby said it was heart-breaking. "Really, very scary. There was a group of people praying for the people in the car. There was somebody saying please don't go to sleep, stay awake, stay awake," said Mark Schroeter, a witness.

Bianca Williams, director of the campaign, 'Stop the Stollies,' said reckless driving happens too often in Milwaukee.

“Someone decided to speed up to avoid stopping, someone lost they life. A couple people lost they lives, and now a couple family members are gonna be mourning all over the city because of it."

Williams adds it's a problem because young people need more guidance. "A lot of kids don't have anything else to do. There's no youth programs, a lot of youth also need jobs."

Meanwhile, neighbors are worried about the intersection.

"Every once in a while, you hear a crash or something, but this is the worse one that I can remember," Schroeter said.

They hope everyone will learn from the fatal tragedy.

"You don't want anything bad to happen to anybody, yet, you do have a feeling, well okay, they were not following the law," 

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