Southeast Wisconsin reaches a sunset milestone ☀️

NOW: Southeast Wisconsin reaches a sunset milestone ☀️

It has been a mild but gloomy work week so far. We've had nearly 100% cloud cover and that trend looks to continue into the start of the weekend. But, we can still celebrate a milestone with respect to daylight. Tonight our sunset reaches 5pm for the first time since October 21st. 

Today's daylight is ten minutes shy of ten hours of light. And we continue to gain daylight at a pretty good clip. We'll enjoy sunset after 5pm until November 1st, when DST comes to an end. That's 277 days from now!

As far as the forecast goes, not much sun is expected for the rest of the week. The clouds will eventually produce light snow by Friday evening lingering into Saturday. Then, a southwest breeze should help kick the clouds and bring mild temps in the 40s. What a way to start the last month of meteorological winter!

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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