“Rally for Safe Streets” held to combat speeding and reckless driving

NOW: “Rally for Safe Streets” held to combat speeding and reckless driving

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Just by standing on Capitol and 31st and begging drivers to slow down, community members say they're already seeing signs of progress.

"We are asking everyone to just stop it, slow down, stop going through red lights, you're killing people. You're killing our babies, you're killing our mothers, please stop. Stop rushing," said Barbara Moore.

Just four blocks away, police say a 22-year-old driver going 78 mph ran a red light, killing Shakela Rhodes and her 11-month-old daughter. Many who came out said they're with the Northwest Side Community Development Corporation. 

"This has got to end. It's terrifying for the residents, it's terrifying for the businesses, it's terrifying for the community. We can't grow this neighborhood with people driving like they're insane."

In eight years, city officials say the number of deadly accidents in the city of Milwaukee has gone up by 73%. At the same time, the number of tickets officers are writing has gone down by 60%.

Common Council President Ashanti Hamilton says Milwaukee Police plan to increase patrols and write more tickets but the real help will come from the state. "We really want them to give us enabling legislation to be able to put up cameras at intersections to be able to catch more of the drivers that are running red lights."

This issue will be considered during the budget discussions this week, Hamilton says. 

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