Rainbows, sun, & storms

Mother Nature put on a great show Monday evening with gorgeous rainbows.  Many of you took pictures and sent them to us via our mobile weather app or [email protected].  Please keep them coming!  From the photos, I verified double rainbows.  Of course to view this type of weather phenomenon, you have to be between the sun and rain clouds. 

Mark Fox/Mayville

Eliot Levinson

The weather pattern looks similar to yesterday.  Low pressure spinning across Canada will us some "ripples" of energy in the upper atmosphere. This will trigger showers, even some thunder, especially this afternoon and evening. 

But high pressure gives this low pressure "the boot" for the middle of the week.  Unfortunately, more low pressure will impact our Friday and weekend forecast with showers and storms.  It'll be scattered in variety.  So don't cancel the outdoor plans but keep an eye to the sky.  Maybe even have alternative plans. 

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