Rain washes out downtown events, makes flood problem worse

NOW: Rain washes out downtown events, makes flood problem worse

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) - The rain put a stop to events in Milwaukee Wednesday.

“It’s a really difficult decision,” said Wyatt Tinder from NEWaukee.

The organization canceled the popular Night Market because of the weather.

“We kept on getting vendors calling and canceling and ultimately the weather just worsened and so we had to make the decision to cancel the night market tonight,” said Tinder.

The weekly River Rhythm concert in Pere Marquette Park was also canceled.

People walking home after the workday downtown didn’t hide their feelings about the rain.

“It sucks, it’s terrible,” said Andrea Fleischmann, “it’s too cold though, isn’t this supposed to be June?!”

“I’m still having fun,” said Natalie Kenda outside Fiserv Forum.

Kenda, like thousands of other New Kids On The Block fans didn’t let the rain stop them from coming out to enjoy the music.

She was even wearing a hand-made NKOTB dress in the rain.  “I didn’t care,” said Kenda, “I made it, I bought the bedsheet on Ebay.”

“I was quite bummed when I heard about it earlier,” Kenda said of the rain, “but you know what, I have an umbrella if it gets really bad.”

“We’re going to see New Kids On The Block,” said an excited Melissa Bigelow, “ you can’t rain on our parade!”

Rising river levels have also forced two downtown businesses to close.

Brunch and Pier 106 are closed because of water in the basement because of unusually high level of the Milwaukee River.

The owners of both of these restaurants say they’re not sure how long it will be until they are able to re-open.

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