Rain to Weekend Sun

It's been a gloomy, wet stretch as of late. The last four days have been rainy and it's starting to add up! Milwaukee has received just over an inch and a half of rain through that time.

That's about half a month's worth of average rainfall for April or May. But as of 5pm, we're now seeing the last bit of rain cross over the area. Thereafter, we'll be looking for a trio of dry days. And by now, most of us probably need to mow the lawn.
 The forecast still includes a lake breeze on Friday, but at least we should push into the 50s courtesy of more sunshine. Speaking of, sunny skies have been few and far between in the last month. Check it out:
 Just three days featured a full on sunny sky since the start of April. Not only will we enjoy plenty of sun through the weekend, the real treat is the warming temps! Highs will top near 70 by Sunday. Enjoy it!

Next week brings not only rain back to the forecast, but storms will be possible too. It's a forecast we'll be watching carefully in the coming days.

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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