Racine Zoo welcomes newest member, 21-month-old wallaroo named 'Jiemba'

RACINE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The Racine Zoo is excited to announce a new member of its Zoo family. Jiemba, a 21-month-old wallaroo, arrived just a few weeks ago. 

According to the Racine Zoo, Jiemba was born at the Oakland Zoo in Oakland, California, and moved to the Racine Zoo as part of a Species Survival Plan recommendation, with the hopes that when he’s a little older, he could breed with his new exhibit mates, Millie and Alinga.

Guests can tell Jiemba apart from his exhibit mates by looking for his much darker gray fur. Jiemba will be housed in the Walkabout Creek exhibit, alongside the other common wallaroos as well as two red kangaroos, three grey kangaroos, and an emu.

The Zoo says it took a full year to get Jiemba to Racine. From trying to book flights to veterinary exams and paperwork, it took well over a dozen people to get him to his new home. 

“We are so excited to finally be able to welcome Jiemba to the Racine Zoo,” said Angie Sagert, Animal Care Supervisor at the Racine Zoo and primary caretaker of Walkabout Creek. “Jiemba is already settling in well here at the Racine Zoo, and we are looking forward to what the future may hold for him and the girls.”

The Racine Zoo says, still under two years old, Jiemba is still a noticeably younger wallaroo, although he is nearing his adult size and has reached maturity. Wallaroos are a cousin of kangaroos, found in eastern Australia. So far, Jiemba’s favorite activities are grazing and lounging, but he is also curious about the world around him and his keepers are excited to see his personality develop as he settles in.

You can visit Jiemba at the Racine Zoo enjoying his new home in Walkabout Creek.

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