Racine woman charged with attacking pregnant Family Dollar employee after argument over cereal

RACINE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Police responded to the Family Dollar in Racine for a report of an assault.

It happened at the 2300 Rapids Drive location on September 7.

Upon arrival, officers spoke with the cashier who told police that a female customer came into the store, wanting to return a box of cereal because it was stale. The cashier told the customer, later identified as Makema Hoskins, that she could not return the cereal. Hoskins allegedly became upset and asked to speak to corporate. The cashier gave the information for corporate to Hoskins who then threw a  pen at her.

The cashier asked Hoskins to leave and not return.

Hoskins then allegedly stated, "what the f**** are you gonna do if I came back?" and "I don't give a f*** if you call the cops." Hoskins also allegedly told the cashier "I don't give a f**** if you are pregnant, I'll stop that s*** right out of you right now."  Hoskins was escorted out of the store by another employee.

According to the criminal complaint, Hoskins allegedly came back into the store swearing and yelling. She then allegedly picked up a metal aerosol can and threw it at the pregnant cashier's stomach, causing pain to the cashier. 

Officers were able to positively identify Hoskins as the suspect after reviewing surveillance video. She was taken into custody.

Hoskins faces charges of Felony Personal Identity Theft after giving police her sister's identification information instead of her own. Hoskins also faces charges of Disorderly Conduct in regards to the Family Theft incident. She will be in court on January 10.

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