Racine Woman Accused of Fraudulently Receiving over $20,000 in Food Stamps

A Racine woman has been charged with food stamp fraud for allegedly being overpaid $20,398 in food stamps.

According to the criminal complaint, Lisa McCue claimed on paperwork for the food stamps that the only people living in her home were her and her three children. She, also, claimed there was no income in the home.

In 2012 an investigation began because McCue listed her home as owned by Jeffrey McCue’s parents. Lisa and Jeffrey were married.

Jeffrey had numerous police contacts over that time period and he stated to police that he lived at the same address where Lisa lived.

During this time, Jeffrey was employed full time at Metal World.

When confronted about this, Lisa said Jeffrey was staying with her for the past three to four months but that he was staying with his daughter. She said that prior to this he was staying over at her home five to six nights a week.

Lisa said Jeffrey never lived with her. 

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