Racine teen shot in the face

 A Racine teen is in the hospital after being shot, reportedly on the front porch of a home. Racine police confirm the 15-year-old girl was shot in the cheek and transported to Froedert Hospital. 

The teen's aunt, Mary Williams, says it all happened right outside of her home. Williams says she heard some people arguing outside of her home around six tonight and went out to tell them to leave. 

But before she even opened the door....shots were fired.

Racine police say the girl who Williams say is her niece, was shot in the face outside this home in the 1400 block of West Street.

Williams says this side of town is dangerous and bullets have flown past her home before but she couldn't believe one of her family members became a victim.

\"My other niece that didn't get shot, she fell on the floor. And then the other one that got shot fell right in her arms. and we thought she was playing when she said \"I got shot, I got shot\" then she said \"Ma I love you I'm dying,\" and we thought she was dying.\"

Williams tell us her niece is a good girl who has never caused any trouble. 

Police haven't updated us on her condition and have given us no details on a suspect. 

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