Racine restaurant owner's NFL post causing controversy

NOW: Racine restaurant owner’s NFL post causing controversy

RACINE Wis. (CBS 58) -- A Racine bar has come under fire after one of the co-owners comments about the recent protests. 

He wrote on Facebook that anyone who kneels during the anthem should be killed.

Now, the other owners of Reefpoint Brew House in Racine say they do not agree with that comment and they are trying to cut ties with that man completely.

Since he is an owner, it's not as simple as firing him.

"We're here to defend the Reefpoint Brewhouse, we put a lot of years to build a great business, a great family business, we have a great staff we're here to battle for because that is not who we are," said Patti Landreman, Co-owner of the Reefpoint Brew House.

The Packers as a team plan to lock arms during the National Anthem before the Thursday night game against the Bears. They're asking fans to do the same. 

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