Racine restaurant dealing with mouse problem

NOW: Racine restaurant dealing with mouse problem

RACINE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A long-running restaurant in Racine is being inspected by the public health department after a reported mice problem. 

The owners of the restaurant say they're dealing with it. They're not ignoring the fact that they have a mouse problem. 

Health inspectors were at the Farm Family Restaurant in Racine on Tuesday after someone made a complaint saying they saw mice at the eatery. 

Someone also took to Facebook, posting their concerns. Now, according to inspection reports, mouse droppings were found in shelves. 

CBS 58 spoke with the owners who explained the problem to us. 

"We had some holes in the building, had a door that was rotted on the bottom, and that allows the rodent to come in. I'm not saying it's just one. Also, we had some problems with the masonry, get through the size of a dime, so if you have an issue like that, but we aren't ignoring it," said owner Dave Ellingham. 

He says they have since changed the back door and added a mice box to help control the issue. 

The Racine Public Health Department says the owners are being cooperative. 

The administrator added, just because a mouse is seen once at a restaurant, it doesn't mean there's an infestation. 

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