Racine Public Health Department Launches "Mail Me Condoms" Program

Racine Public Health Department is launching a “Mail Me Condoms” program in observance of National Condom Day which is on Valentine’s Day.

According to the press release, the initiative is designed to “increase the ease with which residents, particularly youth, are able to access condoms.”

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The program is modeled after similar successful programs in Sacramento, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles.

Area residents are able to easily request safer sex supplies be mailed to their home at no charge to them.

Resident’s fill out a form on the website www.cityofracine.org/health/condoms

Clients are asked to provide their name, mailing address, age, gender and whether they have a latex allergy.

Participants should note that personal identification is requested it is only for statistical purposes.

“We continue to see high rates of STDs in this community, and preventing the spread of STDs is a priority for the Health Department,” said Dottie-Kay Bowersox, Public Health Administrator for the City of Racine. 

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