Racine police arrest 40-year-old man in connection to homicide of Becky Rannow

NOW: Racine police arrest 40-year-old man in connection to homicide of Becky Rannow

RACINE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- An arrest has been made in connection to the homicide of 41-year-old Rebecca "Becky" Rannow.

Racine police say 40-year-old Montreal D. Greer was arrested for first degree intentional homicide.

Rannow was found dead inside a home near Edgewood and St. Patrick on Friday, Aug. 13. Police say she suffered multiple gunshot wounds.

Family members say it appeared Rannow had let her killer in.

A little more than a month later, Racine police got the man they believe to be responsible, and that's given hope to those who love her.

Family hope Becky Rannow's resting in peace knowing the man who police believe pulled the trigger is behind bars.

"She needs to rest in peace and for that to happen, we need justice."

Three weeks after Rannow was murdered in a home she once shared with a guy family say was abusive, Racine police arrested Montreal Greer.

Family say Greer had lived with the two a short time.

"From what I understand, my sister and her ex-boyfriend were nice enough to give him a place to stay for a little while," said Becky's brother, Tony Rannow. "He moved out."

Earlier this summer, family say Becky also moved out, fleeing from her abusive boyfriend. She later moved back in and changed the locks. 

They don't know why Greer would want to hurt her.

"Hopefully he does tell the full story, so we know why. We deserve to know why," said Amanda Gonzales, Becky's friend. "Detective Rasmussen and Detective Ortiz were phenomenal. They didn't stop. They kept going. I'm very proud of our PD."

On the day Tony Rannow learned his sister's killer was in custody, he says he saw monarch butterflies in Becky's yard.

Becky loved butterflies so much she had a butterfly tattoo.

"We've never seen it before, there was just 30 monarchs in the back yard," said Tony. "It was weird, but we honestly think my sister was there."

Rannow had a Pitbull. The dog was locked in another room during the murder. Family have since learned the dog had scratched heavily at the door trying to get to her. 

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