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Racine & Me, May 27, 2017: The Newly Crowned Game – A Tribute to the Prom Capital of the United States

Jacob Kittilstad wrangled together the Prom Kings and Queens from Park, Case, and St. Catherine’s High School to compete in a local version of a classic 1980s game show. Prom royalty was asked a series of questions and tried to predict how their counterparts would answer. The pair with the highest score at the end of the game was awarded a Racine “Grand Prize”: a specially decorated O&H Danish Bakery Kringle.

The purpose of this week’s programming is to give the community a glimpse into who was voted into Prom Court this year in Racine. There is a significant interest to the public because of the history of the event in the city – which combined the celebrations for the schools decades ago. The community wide event continues in the same way today.

Guests: Alex Rogers – Case High School Prom King, Shayla Bedford – Case High School Prom Queen, Ben Enriquez – Park High School Prom King, Regne Nash – Park High School Prom Queen, Nolan Gundlach – St. Catherine’s High School Prom King, Olivia Lefeber – St. Catherine’s High School Prom Queen, Roger BollMilwaukee Accordion Club President

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